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24 02 11



Sometimes I think I am not worthy to be the one for your heart..
Sometimes I also thought that I am the only one that should be by your side..

When the moon start to appear,
after sun set down the light can cover up my night from darkness..
When the sun start to raise,
that is when the day start to appeal and bright our life..

Seeing around my life would it be complete if we living empty life alone..?
Knowing the emptiness inside my heart,
is the truth I need someone by my side..

Even in a million years a person can be human,
but the fact they are totally different because we are not them..
I had never been there by your side..
Day by day..
and all I can do was saying I love you and accompany you daily..

I feel like a ghost under my own shadow and it hurts my feeling..
the more we peal the fruits,
the more layers we find and the more truth we know..

I just can’t like this way knowing the real fact I just feeling not worthy..
I never know how to expressed it properly,
Given the opportunity, would you let this person to love you till the end..?

I want you to know..that I want to love you till the end..
Where the road will lead me the moment I would never regret what love is..
It feels like my whole life is empty without one reservation inside my heart..


I know I love you sayang..


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